8 Signs That You Need a New Toilet

It’s obvious that if you make a full bathroom renovation, a new toilet should be purchased and installed.

However, what if you don’t plan any repairs and redecorations on this premise? Should you wait for the perfect moment to embrace them to replace the old toilet? Not at all!

Actually, many apparent signs can give you that hint.

Spend a couple of minutes with us to figure out when you must really invest some money, time, and effort (or extra money for plumbing services) to get your bathroom a brand-new toilet.

The Toilet is Old

Does the toilet seat have a concrete age to indicate that it’s too old? Yes and No.

First of all, yes, because according to most manufacturers, a toilet can last up to 25 years ahead if treated well – regular cleaning, proper disinfection, de-scaling, and de-laming protective and removal methods are all applied.

However, if we have come upon a faked guarantee for such a lifespan, really poor quality of production or you have neglected the toilet for all of this time you left behind, you should replace it.

Constant Clogging

Is there anything more annoying than having your toilet clogged?

Everything starts smelling nasty, and you are so nervous that you prefer to do your private thing in your annoying neighbour’s place. You don’t have to visit him for such an activity at all. Better replace your old toilet with a new one.

Of course, if clogging happened just once, by accident (like your kid’s mania to hide his Lego pieces inside) or twice per year, it’s not such a big deal.

Toilet unclogging can be an easy chore with these easy supplies: ordinary club soda, a squint gun toilet drainer, and some patience (a whole night to wait).

Cracks and Leaks

What about the look of the toilet? Do you like it? Or are you truly repelled by the awful cracks around its surface?

Sometimes, the damage can be so huge that it can cause extra incidents like constant leaks and others. In this case, you don’t have to wait for any other sign but to rush to the building store or call your interior designer to find a new WC replacement.

Surface Damage to the Toilet

Besides the cracks, other unpleasant signs on the toilet surface might ask you to get a new one.

Whether it’s the limescale and stains or some mechanically made imperfections, they all spoil the overall look of the premise.

And by all means, when a guest asks you where the toilet is, you don’t want to tell it to him. Enough with this! Get your entire premise makeover by replacing the old toilet.

Inefficient Flushing

One of the most obvious signs that your toilet isn’t just old or with a bad appearance but is out of order is inefficient flushing.

Usually, it’s about a too-small quantity of water coming into the toilet tank that’s not enough to remove the debris.

Here’s one hack from us: before you replace the toilet because of this damage, consult with a plumber about that issue in advance. See if something can be done. It might not be the toilet but a general plumbing system issue that reduces the flushing rate.

You might not be able to reach this conclusion alone, though. A whole inspection of your water plumbing system is supposed to be done by an expert.

After the check-up, only a professional can say with certainty whether the toilet is ok or something else needs to be repaired. Even so, rest assured that you are not wasting money in vain for such a prophylactic task.

By all means, a general plumbing system issue can lead to more drastic and catastrophic damage or even pest problems, so it’s essential to fix it as soon as possible.

Built-Up of Mineral Deposits

The districts where hard water is registered are the places where people tend to replace their toilets more often than the others.

This is because of the high amount of minerals inside the water structure. The calcium and magnesium create spots and scales that neither can be removed nor can let the soapy cleansing products do their disinfection job.

Remember that apart from the visible signs, the build-up of mineral deposits can lead to constant clogging and eventually reduce the flushing level.

Hissing or Trickling Sounds in the Tank

Don’t use only your eyes to analyse the condition of your toilet. You can also put into force your own ears.

For example, if you constantly hear strange noises coming from the WC, there’s something wrong with the toilet tank. Of course, such damage can be fixed by talented and experienced plumbers.

However, it’s good to know that a replacement of specific parts might usually be needed. Overall, in the end, you might end up spending more money on repairs than on a standard toilet’s price.

The Toilet Never Stops Running

On the contrary, in most cases, such an issue with the toilet cannot be fixed. If, after flushing the water, it just keeps running, then that means that the internal mechanism has broken.

Many homeowners don’t pay attention to this issue. Eventually, in a couple of months, they observe the sudden growth of their monthly bills for water supply.

By all means, the toilet that never stops running can increase your water expenses by at least 20%. Why keep paying them if you can instead invest a couple of bucks in a new toilet?


The toilet is not the most fascinating thing in your home interior, but its functions and purpose make it essential. This is why taking good care of it while it’s brand new is critical.

When you get visited by the plumber to replace your old toilet, don’t forget to take benefit of his free tips on toilet maintenance. However, if you’re too ashamed to ask such a question, you can always google such tips online or ask a close friend who’s handy with tools.