What Furniture to Move First When Moving Into Your Dream Home

If you're planning to move into a new home, the first thing you should do is decide what furniture you need to bring with you whether you plan to move yourself or hire furniture removalists. While you might have some items from your previous home, you'll likely need to buy some new pieces. Write down a list of the furniture that you need for each room of your new home. Then, order these items according to priority. For instance, electrical appliances, beds and sofas should be first on the list. Then, accessories should be placed in the third list.

Investment and sentimental pieces

When moving into your dream home, you want to make it as comfortable and homely as quickly as possible, any investment pieces such as art or antique or even sentimental personal pieces should be moved first and with some professional help from professional movers that specialize in fragile items as these are often high value items. High quality furniture is an excellent way to add personality and style to your home. Whether you want to create a more rustic look or add comfort and seating for your family, you can find the perfect investment piece to fit your style.

Your couch

Investing in a couch is an important decision for your new home. It's likely to get the most use in your living room, so you'll want to make sure you pick a piece that will be durable and in style for years to come. Designer Christina Slater of Interior Marketing Group suggests that new homeowners choose the sofa first before buying any other furniture in the house. She recommends buying a neutral-toned couch that won't go out of style, or a couch that has layered textures. Alternatively, if you want to make a statement, you can choose a bold-colored sofa. In Adelaide it can take up to 12 weeks from order to delivery of a new couch so timing your purchase to coincide with your removalists Adelaide company on moving day is essential.

Your Piano

If you have an upright or grand piano, it is most likely a lifelong investment as these items can be very expensive and valuable. It should be one of the very first pieces that you decide to move into your new home while the new home is empty making it easy to maneuver into its designated spot. They are not easy to move and it is recommended to get in the professional piano movers who know how to disassemble into parts if necessary and carefully guide them outside your house and into a truck. While helping you assemble at your new home as well as tuning the piano before use.

Your Fridge

Whether you already have a high-quality fridge or planning to buy one. Moving the fridge as one of the top items in your new home is essential. It is the item that will help you settle in as quickly as possible. Filling your fridge up so you can begin to settle into your routine in your new house is vital. Especially if you have kids and need to start back at work as soon as possible. If you do decide on buying a fridge, make sure you plan ahead and get the home appliance centre to move your fridge directly to your new address.

Your Washer/Dryer

The clothes on your back will need to be changed and if you have little kids or teenagers in your family, you will quickly find that the washer and dryer quickly becomes an essential household item. Moving your washer and dryer immediately when you have the keys to your new place should be top priority as dirty laundry can easily pile up and that is the last thing you would want when you move into your dream home. So, plan ahead and get the furniture movers to deliver directly to your new address on moving day.

Your Beds and Linen

Having a comfy bed with some fresh linen is what makes a home comfortable. At the end of the day no matter how hard you have worked or what stresses you may have. There is something about jumping on that soft comfy bed and letting yourself sink into your mattress under some warm sheets just seems to make your home feel like home. That’s why moving your bed and getting it assembled and ready for use on day 1 is imperative and will give you something that you can look forward to after a hard day of moving.